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As the founder and executive director of Miry’s List, I believe in the power of direct human connection. I approach my life and work with compassion, gratitude, and civility. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a community come together to support one another. Every individual needs to feel safe, loved, and important, and each of us has something to give. Thank you for being here.



In July 2016, I founded Miry’s List, a nonprofit helping families resettling in America as refugees get the support they need to start over by connecting them with their new American neighbors. As Executive Director, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about refugee resettlement through the eyes of the families we work with. I’ve spoken at universities, companies of all sizes, schools and nonprofit organizations helping people learn about how the refugee resettlement system in America works, how it feels for families and how they can help. I am a mother of two boys, and I am passionate about helping people of all ages and abilities how they can be better neighbors. With a background in digital marketing and video advertising, I have a thorough understanding of digital and social media, how to create impact using crowdsourcing, and how to turn your life’s passion into a movement.


Whether you’re planning a conference, workshop, seminar, class, or social impact project, I can offer you a impactful experience that’ enjoyable, actionable and inspiring. I can’t wait to hear from you!



Seeing how many students came to the open assembly to hear Miry speak was incredible. We learned so much about how it feels – that we don’t have to have experienced the same things to imagine what it feels like to have no control over one’s life.
— Renee, High School Educator, Los Angeles
I loved hearing about personal anecdotes. It gave the presentation something tangibly human and helped illustrate the depth of the issue.
— Kate, 11th grader, Polytechnic School
It was inspiring to hear about what inspired the creation of Miry’s List in the first place. I enjoyed learning about the structure of a non-profit and the concept of creating impact.
— Sun, 12th grader, Los Angeles
Miry delivering the keynote at New Arrival Festival in Downtown | Los Angeles, 2018

Miry delivering the keynote at New Arrival Festival in Downtown | Los Angeles, 2018



Miry Whitehill is a social entrepreneur, community activist and speaker. Her work over the past decade focuses on immigration, community activism and social media and digital marketing. 

Miry is best known as the founder of Miry’s List, the first nonprofit organization to utilize crowdsourcing and social media to address the needs of families resettling in America as refugees. Since its founding in 2016, Miry’s List has served over 320 families from countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran by connecting them with their new America neighbors.  

Currently, Miry serves as Executive Director at Miry’s List, overseeing development, programming, communications, partnerships, and staffing. Miry designed the three pillars of the program, Survive, Hive and Thrive, ensuring that family’s experiences are aligned with their needs, preferences, and where they are in their resettlement experience. In 2018, over 1,300 individual gifts have been sent through the Miry’s List platform, going from stranger to stranger, directly to the door of new arrival families’ homes. The customization and scale offered to resettling families and their neighbors who want to help them has never been accomplished before.

Earlier in her career, Miry spent 7 years helping brands promote themselves, grow their audience, and sell products using the internet and social media. She worked with Fortune 500 companies, specializing in YouTube video seeding, a form of online marketing focusing on driving video videos through social media and influencer outreach. 

Driven to contribute to her community as a volunteer, in 2015 Miry ran and won a seat on her local neighborhood council. As Treasurer of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, Miry learned how to get stuff done in a city, how to connect neighbors around issues concerning us, how city government and funding works, and how to conduct board meetings. It was during her second term in the council that a fellow board member introduced her to a family who just moved to Los Angeles as refugees from Syria, which led to the beginning of Miry’s List.

Miry leading workshop on welcoming resettling families to LA at the 2019 Annual Assembly for UN Women

Miry leading workshop on welcoming resettling families to LA at the 2019 Annual Assembly for UN Women

As an advocate and speaker, Miry empowers and advises audiences on how to support and uplift families and individuals resettling in America as refugees, focusing on inclusivity, equity, safety and freedom in all its forms, civility, and a shared sense of belonging. Through storytelling and personal anecdotes, including the use of her platform on Facebook and Instagram, her presence on the TedX stage in her talk “How To Be A Good Neighbor,” and her writing for outlets such as Ms. Magazine, she has dedicated herself improving the experience for families resettling as refugees in America by connecting them with their neighbors. 

Miry leads a refugee resettlement workshop for  Social Innovation Program  students at Sequoyah High School in Pasadena in 2018

Miry leads a refugee resettlement workshop for Social Innovation Program students at Sequoyah High School in Pasadena in 2018

For her important work, Miry was awarded the 2019 LinkedIn Compassion Award, and as one of 11 Women Who Are Making L.A. A Better Place by Los Angeles Magazine. She’s also been featured by countless outlets including PRI’s The World, Los Angeles Times, Spectrum News, NBC News, Food & Wine, The Washington Post, Jewish Journal, Parade, KCRW’s Good Food, CBS LA, LA Weekly, LA Magazine, NBC LA and Foodbeast. Miry is a frequent guest on podcasts, including That Moment with Doree Shafrir, School For Humanity, Our American Discourse

Miry is the coauthor of People of the World, A Migration Story, which will come out in 2020, and creator of People of the World Migration Club, which piloted at Eagle Rock Elementary in Spring, 2019.